Friday, June 24, 2005

I'm Back - Last Day

Ok so I think I can now safely say I’m back. Today was the last day of college till September, “weep weep” NOT! Ian my mate ain’t coming back for the second year, his doing a different course at Bletchley College so I probably wont see him for a while. And the others have all chosen to do a different part of the course to me for next year, just means I gotta make more new friends in Sep, damn I shoulda picked the same as them. Oh and the other thing, my girlfriend and my well I say girlfriend I mean Ex-Girlfriend, yes that’s right we are no longer. So oh well to that.

So anyways I’m gonna go for now and I WILL be back soon (I hope).



Thursday, June 09, 2005


Ok, So its been a long time since i last wrote an update, but a lot of things have gone on since it, this is just a short one so that i dont forget about this blog, after this one then hopefully they will be more exciting. of course now that i'm driving i been going out a lot more, i found a new girlfriend, but one down side to her, I live in Milton Keynes and she lives in High Wycombe which is 40 miles away, but well worth it. and other things are that cos i am coming to the end of my college year i'm got a lot of assignment due in now, 8 at the moment i think. so i better go now and start on them.

Laterz for now

Friday, April 22, 2005

Smoking Chimps!!

Yes you heard, Smoking Chimps. I just watch the news and a chimp called Charlie in a zoo in another country (dunno which, I'm researching as you read). Basically people (meaning Stupid Adults) throw a packet of fags and a lighter, Charlie the chimp aged 34 or 38, picked them up and started smoking them. the keepers say that they watch back at the humans and copy, and they are now worried cos he's old and they don't want him to die early of cancer or something.
Whilst researching for it, I found the story on the run away elephants which was a few days ago now. but what happened was 6 elephants created havoc in Seoul, South Koera. they escaped (don't blame them) from an amusement park and went wondering down the streets. The footage I saw was fantastic, 2 of the elephants went in to a restaurant, and a little women came running out the kitchen. Here's a link to the story.
Anyway sorry for the layout of this, I'm trying to change it all, but its gone wring at the moment. Hopefully it will be back to normal soonish. I shoulda backed up the original good version really. oh well
- Fulch

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Ok so it’s been a while since the last entry, but I have been busy, driving (racing), and other stuff. I have a few mates who also have blogs, so I though I would help promote they sites by posted them here. So first of all my mate Ian, he is f**king excellent at website making and s**t so his site well 3 sites are: (his Videoblog) (just a basic site) (WTF - Written Threats Forum)

I'm testing out new designs on the site so it might change from time to time.

If got any ideas to help then e-mail me here.
Laters for now

Thursday, April 14, 2005

On The Road!!!

Ok so I passed on Thursday and I ordered my car insurance the same day, so me being me phoned them up to ask if they could fax or e-mail the insurance certificate to me, so I could get my road tax straight away, but they said no, I was like ok then, then I also made sure all my account details were ok, so I got them to confirm them, they said, ok we are going to withdraw £2,000 withy in the next 3-5 working days, I was like "WHAT". I want it done monthly not one fu***ng go. I don’t believe I did that, that is exactly why you don’t buy over the net (cos its full of holes lol). So anyway, got my certificate through the post on sat (9/4) and went straight to the post office, got my road tax, stuck it in the car, sat in the house looking at the car, trying to think of an excurse of why to go to work early (I started work at 12 and it was now like 10), so I turned round and said I’m going to sort out holiday dates and s**t, so went and man it was so cool, so much freedom you cant explain it. So I have now been driving for 5 days and I’ve had about 3 close calls and 2 races (1 won, 1 lose) and done around 30 wheel spin, by accident of course. Any way I gotta go now, going to see some mates, speak to you latez people.

Thursday, April 07, 2005


Ok so its been one day since my first blog and already I'm writing another one, but there is a very good reason to. At 12 o'clock today I got in to my instructors car, drove for an hour and a half, then had my driving test, during it all the examtioner kept putting pen to paper, and I counted it put to paper about 22 times, with is a fail as your only allowed 15 minors. But at the end, he said "James I am glad to say you have Pass", Yes Pass my test, with only 5 minors, so now I am trying to sort out insurance and road tax, well expensive thought.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Ok My First Blog!

Ok so heres my first blog, wonder how long its gonna be before I give up on it, the plan is to up date about every 3-4 days, so keep your eyes open, and if that ain't here thay should be at 1 of three site:

Anyways I better go for now, look out for the next one.